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Speed is King

Since most traffic today is mobile-based, Google wants websites to load in from .5 to 2.0 seconds. This is why an effective website must be built very efficiently and hosted on a server that optimizes website delivery.

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Why so Slow?

Many websites are based on frameworks requiring dozens, even 100+ separate files. They can take 5, 10, even over 30 seconds to load. Have you tested your website against Google's requirements?

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Built by Google

We build our websites based on Google's own - and preferred - framework, Material Design. While applying Material Design can be daunting, we focus on Google's approach because what Google recommends, Google rewards.

What Our Clients Are Saying

In 2012 Blue Banana built our website, it was easy to navigate, rated on the first page for search engines, and they worked with us to come up with a design that we were really excited about. With the constant emails and phone calls that our website could be improved, we got sucked in by another web designer's sales pitch and ended up switching. Afterwards, we felt that our recurring payments didn't provide any of the “continuous benefits” we were promised. What we did notice was that our Google ratings went down. We decided to go back to our trusted friends at Blue Banana. We were in a time crunch but they put up our new site very efficiently. We love our new Material Design website, not only are our ratings better but Blue Banana is there to make changes overnight whenever we need an update, and it never breaks the bank. We are happy to have our website built and hosted by Blue Banana!

Cara & Jordy Denney, Owners
CJ Martial Arts

Nov 2017 Update: We recently targeted increasing our search engine rankings for 'Brazilian Jui-Jitsu' and, following Blue Banana’s suggestions, we are now #2!

Website Hosting

Rely on
Blue Banana Web

Blue Banana Web serves up perfect website hosting: speedy, consistent, utilizing the best practices to provide high search engine rankings, with fast, friendly people to talk to when you need support. All at a fair price.

“I can’t say enough about the exceptional work Blue Banana has done on our new website. This is our third project with Randy. His knowledge, patience and outstanding customer service keeps bringing us back. I highly recommend Blue Banana for all your website and hosting needs.”

David Whitley, President
Groundco Mats

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